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Saturday May 28 2022

Maldives Travel Guide


Maldives Travel

If you are dreaming of a unique tropical island getaway like a castaway, Maldives may well be the perfect place for you to travel to.


Maldives is a country situated on the southwest of Sri Lanka in the waters of Indian Ocean. Its land area is composed of 1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major coral structures or atolls. 200 islands are considered to be inhabited and more than 80 islands more are developed into resorts and tourist spots.


If you want to Travel to the Maldives then this is very easy. Every visitor to the country has an automatic visiting visa which is permitted for 30 days. You will need to provide proper documentation such as an airline ticket and a proof of sufficient funds for your accommodation and visiting various atolls. Your reservation to any resort is already considered as a proof but you can fly in and bring cash or card of US$100 plus an extra $50 a day of total value.


Import of alcoholic beverages, pork, and pornographic material is strictly prohibited and all luggage is x-rayed upon arrival as you would expect from any reputable international airport. Just a word of caution, if you do visit the beaches (which we have no doubt you will,) please remember that sand and seashells are not allowed to be exported so please be careful as this could get you into trouble with the authorities.


Getting around the Maldives is not your usual car or bus type holiday. Boats, air taxis, sea planes and private yachts are the way to go from one place to another. If you do happen to arrive in the Maldives at night then be prepared to possibly spend the night at the airport hotel as air taxis and private yachts, which are the preferred mode of transport by tourists, do not operate at night.


Obviously a plane takes you faster than a yacht to any point to the Maldives. You can travel to absolutely any island within the Maldives by air in less than 45 minutes while it may take you approximately two hours if you want to travel by water.


There are a lot of activities to do in the beautiful Maldives. It is particularly well known for its scuba diving centers. Exquisite underwater scenery is what most its guests yearn to see with its amazing weather and the countries tropical climates. Other water activities are also offered for you to experience. If you want try some adrenaline pumping action then try their extreme sports like wakeboarding, water skiing and wind surfing or you can choose to go up a gear by traveling in a speedboat. If you want to avoid extreme sports and are less of an adrenaline junkie then shallow water snorkeling or fishing might be more suitable.


Speaking of taste, why not try the delectable collection of different cuisines that the Maldives has to offer! Treat your taste buds to the mix of different flavors of the Asian, Western, Mediterranean, and of course, local dishes that you can only find in the Maldives.


For weary travelers, there are spas that offer different therapies and various treatments. From a facial to full body massage, to Asian and tropical treatments, they all promise to relieve you of any stress.


If what you are searching for is a relaxing, stress free holiday where you can get pampered and get to enjoy absolutely fabulous weather all year round then visit the Maldives now.


The Maldives offers a once in a lifetime holiday whether you are going on honeymoon, on your own or with the family.


Book now….you’ll be glad you did.


The Maldives…Paradise awaits…


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